Back from vacation? Eat like it’s Monday. 9/5/18

You know what I mean. Monday is the day you start a diet, or turn over a new leaf, or just get things back to normal. We got home from vacation on Tuesday so Wednesday is my Monday. And what do we eat frequently on Mondays? Classic chicken dinner.

Chicken breast with jus, rutabaga mash, quick-steamed broccoli

I have had a pretty indulgent three weeks. It is a long time to be away and my resolve to eat in a healthy manner started at a high and slowly ebbed away. I gained three pounds. But you know what? I forgive myself for making some sub-optimal  choices and it is “Monday” and I am back on track!

I am revved up to start planning menus, trying new recipes, enjoying time-tested meal plans, and filling your inbox with a few paragraphs and pictures every day!

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