Crispy pork cutlet. 2/9/19

We are supposed to be eating these cutlets with frisée, lemon, and capers but it is pouring rain out and it seems like going with what is in the refrigerator rather than making a special trip somewhere just for frisée is the wiser thing to do. So I use some rice left over from Jerk Chicken night and saute some celery, carrots, onions, snow peas, and broccoli for a vegetable-rice combo.

Crispy pork cutlet with veggie-rice combo, and lemon

John pounds out the pork and it becomes this gigantic piece of meat. In fact our daughter stopped by later and made a dinner for herself out of my leftovers. He breads and pan fries the pork and heats up a bit of sauce left over from the boneless pork ribs a week ago. I cut up a lemon and sprinkle some capers on top and we have a pretty presentable looking dinner. We rarely eat anything fried but this technique of shallow frying has kept the pork from having the consistency of shoe leather. Good job, John!

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