Chipotle bean burger. 5/23/19

As we gear up for Memorial Day weekend you may be thinking about a good non-meat burger to offer to your guests. For tasty ease I would suggest Morningstar Spicy Chipotle Bean Burger*. This bean buger is not trying to taste like meat. It just tastes vegetable good. We found these at Costco.

Chipotle bean burger and cucumber-tomato salad

You can make these burgers in two minutes in the microwave. For additional flavor John seared ours in a hot, cast iron skillet so it had a bit of a crust on it. I garnished mine with onion, tomato, arugula, and ketchup. On the side I made a cucumber, onion, and tomato salad. This chipotle bean burger is a simple, fast, meatless substitution that can easily stand in for a typical hamburger.

*This bean burger is vegetarian but not vegan.


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