Best of the season tomato gazpacho. 7/23/19

We are swimming in tomatoes here.  Three of us against about 5 pounds of tomatoes a day. Every day I get the same plea, “Mom, eat the tomatoes!” So two things that use up tomatoes are gazpacho and spaghetti sauce. It’s hot so I opt for gazpacho again.

My gazpacho is an adaptation of  “The Best Gazpacho” from the NYTimes Cooking site. But I use what I have at hand. No cucumber today so, oh well, how much does cucumber bring to the party after all? There is probably a good three pounds of tomatoes of all types, seeded by not skinned. I use a whole Serrano pepper, pretty spicy. Also onion, garlic, vinegar, and olive oil. A ton of salt helps bring out the flavors. Blender whirs away on liquify. There is still a bit of texture left. We like it that way. Chill.

We top ours with our good olive oil, some basil from the garden, and bits of Serrano pepper. We were supposed to be eating avocado toast but instead we ate two bowls of gazpacho and called it quits.


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