Share dessert. 8/1/19

I am sure you already do this but I thought I would bring it up anyway. My mantra used to be, never eat a dessert after a meal, save it for a special time when you can eat and savor it all on its own. But sometimes waiting until that special time just is not practical and I am certainly not suggesting that you should be eating a dessert in your closet with no one watching.

I was out to lunch with my sister and daughter and we were also killing a little time before our next appointment when someone suggested dessert. Ooh, they have a fig bread pudding with salted caramel, let’s get that! So we got one. Each of us had a piece and there was some leftover that we did not eat. It is so much healthier to eat 1/4 of a dessert than the whole thing and you will not be berating yourself nearly as much afterward.

BTW it was delicious!

Fig bread pudding with salted caramel and cocoa nibs

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