🥬 Grilled portobello mushroom and coleslaw 11/1/19

A long time ago I used to work for Weight Watchers, now known as WW. It was up to me to explain how the system worked and inspire people to try to keep on the plan from week to week. I talked to hundreds of people each week. Now that I am eating the WW plan myself, it helps me to think back to all the advice and tips I gave to my clients. I am not trying to advocate for any particular weight loss program but I must say that this incarnation of WW is the easiest to follow thus far.

Tonight’s dinner is one of my favorites and vegetarian to boot. (Vegan if you use a vegan mayo.) John grilled the mushrooms and I made the onions for on top and the coleslaw. WW = 5 points

Grilled mushroom and coleslaw

With the exception of some of the things I posted in my “Off the Rails” post everything I have pictured over the past five and a half weeks have been on my current diet plan. And I have lost 12 lbs.

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