🥬 Black bean tacos and Texas caviar. 3/4/20

Black bean tacos and Texas caviar have a lot of components that need chopping but there is very little cooking. I take a short-cut with the Texas caviar and use half of a can of drained Rotel and dump the other half in the black beans. Chopping up tomatoes is not one of my favorite things to do.  In addition to the Rotel the Texas caviar has black eyed peas, corn, carrots, celery, bell pepper, white onion, and green onion all in uniform size. I use plenty of cumin and some garlic powder, a dash of vinegar, some of my super salad dressing, salt, and a bunch of sriracha to season the vegetables.

John chars the tortillas over the stove’s open flame and we garnish our black bean tacos with cabbage, salsa verde, green onions, and yogurt crema. After you eat this you feel good about yourself for having so many servings of vegetables!

NOTE: For a vegan version substitute or omit yogurt

Black bean tacos and Texas caviar

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