Two light choices for Memorial Day grilling. 5/21/20

Here are a couple of dinners we have made over the last couple of days. They would be the perfect light dishes for Memorial Day grilling.

Portobello mushroom burger with cole slaw and Texas caviar

The marinated and grilled mushroom is topped with a seared onion slice and a chiffonade of basil on an English muffin. I made the chopped coleslaw and Texas caviar mostly in the food processor. That is a scoop of Greek yogurt on the coleslaw.

Shrimp tacos with southwest cole slaw and Texas caviar

Shrimp taco

Skewer your shrimp and cook them quickly on a grill or just loose in a pan. I added cumin and hot sauce to my cole slaw for a more southwest spin. I have also added an unde-layer of spinach for additional nutrition and made a crema out of cumin, salt, and plain fat-free Greek yogurt.

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