Escaping the fire and smoke. 8/25/20

You may have noticed that I did not publish a weekly menu or any updates for a few days. We have been dealing with the fires and smoke in Northern California. Over the weekend our air had fallen into the hazardous range so we decided to find some better air on Monday. After packing up important papers and sentimental items in case our house burned down, we left for St. George, Utah. We rented a condo with a kitchen so now I am able to get back to my usual routine. (BTW the fires are getting under control and we plan on returning next week.)

Sauteed shrimp, yellow rice, broccoli

Cooking in a strange kitchen temporarily is a challenge. The pots and pans are different and you do not have the wide array of spices and condiments that you have at home. I really do not want to buy too much basic stuff so we are lacking things like ketchup and mayo, oregano, cumin, and lots of other things. On Monday night after our long drive we just bought some prepared food but on Tuesday we were ready to tackle something homemade. The result was sauteed shrimp, with yellow rice (by Vigo), and broccoli. It turned out fine and we had so much broccoli that our daughter had it as a healthy side to blue box mac and cheese!

Hopefully we will be cooking for the rest of the week in our new clean air digs.

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