BFD, Mushroom and Swiss omelet. 12/13/20

Since John always seems to get such pleasure out of making his Breakfast For Dinner omelets, I thought I would try one tonight. My filling was minced shallots, sliced cremini mushrooms and Swiss cheese. When John makes his he just plops the omelet on a plate and that is his entire dinner, not so for me.

Omelet, garden salad, and English muffin

They say you eat with your eyes first so I needed some color on my plate which I achieved with a salad. Plus I have to have my favorite food group, carbohydrates, in the form of an English muffin with some faux butter spread. You will notice that my muffin is not quite round. That is because on the WW food plan a whole English muffin is 4 points (so much!) but 7/8 of a muffin is only 3! I thought about just not eating it all but it is much safer for me if I throw that 1/8 out before I have the opportunity to reconsider!

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