Christmas Week Menu. 12/21-27/20

This is week is filled with traditional (for us) things to eat.  We always have a big do at our house for Christmas Eve when the grandkids open their presents, we sing carols, and we eat hors d’ouevres and dessert. This year we are doing some of that but are scaling down the goodies to just a few things since we are only three people. On Christmas morning we have always had bagels and lox as a nod to John (and because it is our favorite breakfast). Hefeweizen beer was added some years ago after our daughter, John, and I had some really fine beer at Schneider’s in Munich.  Finally our Christmas dinner is lasagna ever since the kids were little and I was tired of making things that they would not eat and asked them what they would really like.

I am aware that most of our celebratory food is not “dining lite” but, just like your birthday, what you eat on a holiday does not make you fat. It is overeating all the other days of the year that does. Eat what you like and has meaning to you and then the next day go back to eating in a sane manner. Any weight you gained will disappear in a few days.



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