Lunch and Breakfast for Dinner. December 19-20, 2020

I am catching up from the weekend. We had a Zoom party to go to on Saturday and I ate some junk food and I lost enthusiasm for making something more remarkable for dinner. What I did was to combine some of the leftover Chana dal with some shredded chicken breast and broccoli and thinned it out with some chicken stock. Voila, soup!

Chana dal, chicken, and broccoli soup

On Sunday my Breakfast For Dinner was English style eggs, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes, and beans. In probably an un-English way I spiced up the beans with cumin, garlic, and sriracha. The mushrooms I sautéed in a pan and the beans were microwaved. Sunday night is all about easy.

English style Breakfast For Dinner (BFD)

This week I will tell you about our Christmas traditions which are probably not like yours, if you celebrate. We have food traditions, gifting traditions, and decorating traditions. It makes our holiday peculiar to us!

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