Weekly Menu – March 15 – 21, 2021

This week’s winner of the most blog views is Brazil! Actually it was India again but according to the rules, “Any country who wins the coveted country of the week and has one of their favorite dishes showcased is ineligible to win again for 8 weeks.” So Brazil wins edging out Thailand by just two views.  I looked at Brazil’s favorites and they are apparently people who are not on diets! I will try to make their seafood stew, moqueca, as moderately as possible.

In other menu news, John and I are making stuffed cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day and some soda bread if our daughter makes it. As far as I can tell I am about 3/8 Irish. John is not Irish at all. I really did not want to make corned beef but I do like cabbage so we settled on the Eastern European dish. Maybe some Irish emigrated there during the Great Potato Famine?

Also there is a new dish, asparagus carbonara.  We will see how that works out. When I asked John if he’d like a chicken dish this week, he suggested Classic Chicken (not again!) I countered with chicken piccata. I know he will do a good job with that!

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