BFD Fried egg, asparagus, rice. 3/14/21

Fried egg atop a rice, asparagus, mushroom, and onion mixture

If you watch food TV competitions the judges are always touting how fabulous and sexy it is to have a runny egg on top of a dish. So I thought I would give it a try. I cannot attest to its sexiness but it definitely tasted good.

Since asparagus is coming into the market I bought a big bunch this week in preparation for asparagus carbonara on Tuesday. There was plenty besides for John and me to use in our BFD (Breakfast For Dinner) Sunday. John put his asparagus pieces in an omelet (again!!) and I sauteed my diced asparagus with some onion and mushrooms and combined them with some leftover rice. I kept this mixture warm while I made my egg. First I cracked the egg in a little bowl because I was concerned I might break the yolk. Then I slid the egg into a pan that I had sprayed with olive oil spray and cooked it sunny side up. I put a little liquid in the pan and covered it towards the end of cooking to get a thin skin over the yolk.

It turned out pretty tasty. I wish I had made two eggs, though. There was not enough yolk to have a big impact on all my rice mixture. Asparagus and eggs are a good combo. I think I will try some other variation next week.

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