Sbrisolona. 5/9/21

In a departure from my usual egg dish on Sundays (Breakfast For Dinner or BFD), I had dessert for dinner! Since it was Mother’s Day my daughter made me this Italian confection from Mantova. Years ago she, John, and I took a trip to Italy and stopped in Mantova (or Mantua in Italian) to visit a ducal palace and we ate dinner there. As an aside, John and she ordered donkey for dinner! Since we had never heard of sbrisolona we ordered a piece for dessert. It was soooo good!!

She used a recipe from The NY Times Cooking site where they described it as “a big cookie whose texture is a cross between a perfect shortbread and the best crumb topping you can imagine. The addition of almond flour and cornmeal is partially responsible for the cookie’s wonderful texture.”


It is supposed to break into pieces and be messy to eat but oh, the flavor! Not too sweet and perfect with a cup of tea or some Vin Santo. We three managed to eat almost a whole 9X9 baking dish!

It had two egg yolks in it so I guess I can count it as a BFD dish!!

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