Pan-seared salmon and mango salsa, rice, and green beans. 5/10/21

Pan-seared salmon and mango salsa, white rice, and green beans

John brined the salmon before starting it in a cold pan and it worked out much better than his last attempt at not overcooking it and keeping the white goop from seeping out.

When he was at the grocery store the other day mangoes were $.77 and he could not resist. So I made a mango salsa. In fact the whole dinner was based around needing to do something with the mango. The sweetness of the mango, the tartness of the lime juice, and the spiciness of the Serrano chile were perfect with the salmon.

The giant pile of green beans exists because I bought too big a package last week. I knew they were not going to last in the refrigerator much longer. I finished them with a bit of butter which is pretty exciting after not using real butter for over a year.

John made the rice which is something along with chopping up garlic that he likes to do on the non-protein side of things. Who am I to object!? All in all this was a delicious, colorful dinner.

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