Semi-Leftovers For Dinner Classic chicken style. 5/11/21

Usually LFD (Leftovers For Dinner) happens on Saturday night but we ended up with some bits and pieces from last week’s dinner and decided to incorporate the leftovers into an actual weekly menu dinner.

Our leftovers were some chicken gravy, mashed rutabagas, and farro. To this we added some pre-cooked chicken from Costco and mushrooms for the gravy and the new broccoli,

Chicken in gravy, mashed rutabagas, farro, and broccoli

Looks pretty good for a bunch of leftovers doesn’t it? It tasted pretty yummy as well and was ready in the time it took to cook the broccoli and get everything else hot. Try looking in your refrigerator for vegetables that are getting tired and a little of this and that from dinners past and create a whole new dinner with very little effort!

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