Raw and sautéed veg topped with soft scrambled eggs. 7/11/21

Soft scrambled eggs on top of sautéed onions, mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, and broccoli with a raw spinach base

It’s Sunday so it must be BFD (Breakfast For Dinner)! While John was busy making his usual omelet, I was chopping up and sautéing my BFD veg. I cooked the mushrooms and onions first and then added everything else. I gave the dish an Asian twist by adding soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, fish sauce, and a pinch of sugar. When the vegetables were cooked I put them on top of raw spinach causing it to wilt slightly. Lastly I cooked my eggs turning off the heat when they were still pretty runny and letting the residual heat in the pan cook them to a soft consistency.

Is this as quick, easy, healthy, and delicious as it looks? Definitely!!

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