Breaded mahi mahi, steamed and crisped new potatoes, salsa slaw. 12/6/21

Originally sesame salmon bowls were on the menu for Monday but the avocado is not ripe yet so we will make that dinner later on in the week.

Breaded mahi mahi with crispy new potatoes and salsa slaw

We splurged on a little olive oil tonight to get the crispy texture on the potatoes and fish. John’s method for the mahi mahi is to slather the fish with a combo of light mayo and yellow mustard and then roll the pieces in seasoned breadcrumbs. The fish was fried in a tablespoon of olive oil and some olive oil spray. The exterior came out a little dark but the fish was moist and not overcooked.

While John was working on the fish I steamed some new potatoes. When they were cooked through I cut them in half, seasoned them, and then toasted the cut side in a little olive oil and spray. The family gave them high marks.

I also made some tartar sauce. It is a mixture of half light mayo and half nonfat plain Greek yogurt. I also added a bit if yellow mustard, grated onion, garlic powder, lemon juice, sweet relish, and capers.

Finally I made my invention, salsa slaw. Using salsa cuts down on the amount of mayonnaise you have to use. First I made a mixture once again of half yogurt and half light mayo and then added fresh salsa. I mixed that with a bag of shredded cabbage. It needed a little salt and some more zing so a squirt of sriracha took care of that.

Our daughter liked the meal but commented that mahi mahi is not as delicious as Chilean sea bass. I pointed out that it is at least half as expensive and is a good substitute in dishes where the fish is breaded like fish tacos or the faux fish stick dinner tonight.

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