Chicken breast with gravy, rutabaga, and broccoli. 1/10/22

Chicken breast with gravy, rutabagas, broccoli

This is my super comforting comfort meal. Not that I need comforting but eating it feels like a big hug. Every Monday when the kids were little we always had “chicken Monday” so there are a lot of fond memories associated with it.

It is very easy to make. The chicken breast comes from a rotisserie chicken and is warmed up in a packet of McCormick’s chicken gravy. The broccoli is steamed and I make the rutabaga in the Instant Pot on high pressure for 15 minutes with a 10 minute cool down. A rutabaga is a gnarly beast and difficult to peel and cut up. John offered to do the hard work on it so all I needed to do was mash it up with a little butter.

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