Toor dal (pigeon peas with tomato and spices). 1/9/22

Pigeon peas (Toor dal) over kale and white rice/cauliflower rice combo

A while ago John and I went to the Indian grocery and bought big bags of Chana dal and Toor dal. Chana dal is dried split chickpeas and Toor dal is dried pigeon peas. We have had a lot of success making delicious Chana dal in our Instant Pot but less success with the Toor dal.

In hopes that I had found a recipe which we would like better, we used the Toor dal again on Sunday. To begin with our recipe, which came from, was very bland and soupy. The three to one ratio was just to much liquid for the pigeon peas. So after cooking it on high pressure for 5 minutes with a 5 minute cool down before releasing the pressure, we added another 2/3 cup of the pigeon peas and a can of Rotel original to spice it up. Plus quite a bit of salt.

After recooking the whole thing again and letting it sit for a while it was much, much better. The pigeon peas will never be as tasty as the Chana dal but with our additions and a squirt of sriracha we have concocted a dish which we can make again and use up our giant bag of Toor dal.

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