Chilean sea bass, green beans, new potatoes. 3/3/22

Roasted Chilean sea bay with steamed new potatoes and sautéed green beans

We buy frozen Chilean sea bass from Costco. Unfortunately when we got to the end of the bag there were three equal sized pieces, one thicker piece, and one oddly shaped piece with thick and thin parts. Since our daughter always opts in for Chilean sea bass, we had to apportion these five pieces among three people. We ended up getting three pieces each of differing sizes. Luckily Chilean sea bass is very forgiving when you cook it so even the thinner pieces tasted great.

John roasted the fish with just a little oil, seasoning, and thyme. I steamed the potatoes and kept them warm while I used the same pan to sauté the green beans. I am not a big fan of big green beans. I much prefer the thinner French ones but these were okay. (Actually I really wanted to “French” them with a little tool I have but John likes these big, stringier ones.)

Here’s a way to cut down on potato carbs. I shook 18 new potatoes out of their bag. They were assorted sizes. We each got 6. I took the smallest 6 potatoes and left the rest for John and our daughter. Although the 18 potatoes weighed 15 oz., my portion of 6 weighed in at around 4 ounces. Mind games!

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