Afghani nachos and dal 5/14/22

I have been making this red lentil dish for a long time but since our son was coming over for dinner I wanted some kind of appetizer as well. Looking on the same site where I found Afghani dal I came across a recipe for Afghani nachos. Since even the recipe writer’s children suggested that the nachos be separated to make eating them less messy, I went along with that suggestion and made deconstructed Afghani nachos.

Deconstructed Afghani nachos – salty, garlicky Greek yogurt, spiced chickpeas, pita chips

The yogurt component is Greek yogurt, minced garlic, and salt. The chickpeas and green onions are spiced with cumin and paprika. We did not find that spicy enough so I added ground red pepper as well as lime zest, lime juice, and salt. Since the family still did not think it was spicy enough, after dipping a chip in the yogurt and adding some chickpeas, they gave their nacho a squirt of sriracha. As adapted, everyone thought it was a good appetizer. This is the site for the recipes for the nachos and also the dal.,

Afghani dal (red lentils) and rice

Our son really liked the red lentils. I think he will be making it at his house too!

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