Birthday Pizza Party. 1/8/23

Pizza Margherita (thanks internet)

Usually on Sunday nights we have Breakfast for Dinner, a light dinner which will aid in our weekly weigh-in on Mondays. Last night, however, we were celebrating our grandson’s birthday and he chose a festive outing to a local, very good pizza place. Since pizza is in my top ten things I like to eat and since I am currently trying to shed more than a few pounds accumulated over 2022, this was going to be hard.

I decided that at most I could have two smallish slices and a salad if I ate carefully the rest of the day. I managed that part of my plan. What threw me were the basket of garlic breadsticks. I could not resist and ate one. It was good but not as good as I was anticipating. I will store that away in my food memory bank for next time.

I am not beating myself up over this small lapse. I lost 4.8 lbs. this week. That’s a lot! I know you always lose more the first week and probably next week will be .5 lb. or something minimal. And that will be okay too.

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