Tuesday, January 27, 2015 – Chicken Tuesday

We have been really busy since last Friday. On Saturday we helped move our daughter back home and had pizza. On Sunday we left for Utah and ate on the road. On Monday we arrived in St. George, UT and had a quick throw together dinner of whole wheat spaghetti and tomato basil sauce. So here it is Tuesday and we are finally cooking again.

Tonight is a favorite when cooking chicken. John grinds up a bunch of seeds, nuts and spices and coats the outsides of two small chicken breasts. He starts them in a saute pan and finishes them in the oven. They turn out perfectly! In the meantime I cut up rutabagas and put them in the pressure cooker. Seven minutes later they are soft and mashable. With a little butter spray they taste great! I also steam some broccoli. To finish off our dinner, John makes a little chicken gravy. This is a really tasty dinner. It is light on the protein but the vegetables make the dish filling and nutritious.

Pan roasted chicken with rutabagas and broccoli

Pan roasted chicken with rutabagas and broccoli

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