Home on the range – 7/10/17

I am home again from my travels to Norway and beyond! I wish I could have posted more of what we had to eat while we were away but the WiFi did not lend itself to much in the way of posting.  I had to let my travel and personal blog take over.

So here we are just home late last night and I am thinking about what to make on this jet lagged Monday.  The best thing about having a set piece for Mondays is that I do not have to think too hard. It’s Chicken Monday!

Chicken breast with smashed potato salad and broccoli salad

John sous vide the chicken breast and I had mine with with BBQ sauce. Since it is really hot here, I steamed the potatoes and added the broccoli briefly towards the end of the cooking.I made a celery seed dressing for the broccoli and an olive oil dressing for the potatoes.

On a personal note, I gained four pounds during the vacation and now I know that I need to make healthful meals at home to counteract all the eating. I loved a lot of the food that we had on our special trip and I do not regret having eaten what  I did. There is no point in feeling guilty.

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