Eat what you like! 9/18/17

One of the pitfalls of dieters everywhere is denial. I cannot eat this and I must not eat that. What happens inevitably is that when you finally give in and eat your treasured food, you eat way too much of it. Or another scenario plays out that while you are busily trying to find and eat alternatives, you end up eating the alternatives and then the desired food anyway. Eat what you like but do it in moderation!

This dinner features a favorite, spaghetti with meat sauce. I slowed things down by eating a first course of salad.

Salad of dark greens and cabbages

We always weigh out our pasta before cooking it so we do not over-indulge. Since I was slowed down by the salad, I even remembered to take a picture this time!

Spaghetti and tomato, basil, and ground beef sauce

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