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Diet disaster! 11/11/19

NOTE: I will not be cooking for the next couple of weeks but will post when I come across some food related item of interest. We had a plan. It was a good plan. It involved poaching shrimp, cooking up … Continue reading

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Simply spaghetti. 12/1/18

Last night we opened a jar of Bertolli tomato sauce and cooked up some thick spaghetti. I usually make my own sauces but we got a late start on supper so it was the jar for us. I am not … Continue reading

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Weekend and menu. 7/21 & 22/18

Not too much cooking this weekend. I took a container of spaghetti sauce that I had made previously out of the freezer to have with whole wheat spaghetti on Saturday. Since it was a little shy of enough I added … Continue reading

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Vegetarian pasta and vegan spicy Thai basil eggplant with tofu. 1/29/18

Having had quite a bit of animal protein last week, I started out this week with a vegetarian and a vegan dish. Actually the pasta was only vegetarian because I added some fish sauce and grated some parmesan cheese on … Continue reading

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Chicken Parmesan with cellentani. 10/4/17

  Hiding beneath the tomato sauce in the foreground is half of boneless, skinless chicken breast and a super slim slice of cheese. John sous vide the chicken and I made the sauce. I like making interesting forms of pasta. … Continue reading

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I cannot stop eating pasta!!! 9/26/17

It’s my favorite. I love pasta. I love eating at home. I love eating it on our trips to Italy. I am fond of vegan and vegetarian pastas and I am a sucker for a meat sauce. I ate this … Continue reading

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Eat what you like! 9/18/17

One of the pitfalls of dieters everywhere is denial. I cannot eat this and I must not eat that. What happens inevitably is that when you finally give in and eat your treasured food, you eat way too much of … Continue reading

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