Diet disaster! 11/11/19

NOTE: I will not be cooking for the next couple of weeks but will post when I come across some food related item of interest.

We had a plan. It was a good plan. It involved poaching shrimp, cooking up some zucchini, and having a modest amount of small, new potatoes. But at 6 PM when John looked in the freezer for the shrimp no shrimp was to be found. Apparently we had eaten it all up the last time we had shrimp and had not replaced it. Oh no, what to do!? We are both hungry and now we have no plan. I suggest fish. John vetoes that. I suggest linguine with tomato sauce. John is totally on board.

So I made a quick tomato sauce with some canned and some fresh tomatoes. John, at my suggestion, cooks 8 ounces of whole grain linguine. We indulge. This morning I am up a hard fought for pound. I have shown remarkable control these past 7 weeks but put me near pasta and I lose all my will-power. Oh well, it is back on the righteous train on Tuesday. Sigh.

Note: For a vegan dish omit parmesan cheese.

WW points – 13

Giant portion of whole grain linguine with basil and parmesan cheese

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