Weekend and menu. 7/21 & 22/18

Not too much cooking this weekend. I took a container of spaghetti sauce that I had made previously out of the freezer to have with whole wheat spaghetti on Saturday. Since it was a little shy of enough I added a can of petite diced tomatoes. I like the Hunt’s brand of these. They taste less tinny.

Whole wheat spaghetti with sauce

We went over to our son’s house on Sunday. He treated us to some bagels with cream cheese and lox and he had also made a chicken liver pate. So good! On the way home we noticed a wildfire in the hills. It is so dry here and it will not be raining until probably. November so it looks like another scary season of fire. When we got home we decided on Chinese take-out for dinner.

Wildfire in the hills

This morning (Monday) John and I write up a menu for the week. We are trying to follow our 2 vegetarian, 2 seafood, 2 poultry, 1 red meat plan. However we still think of Sunday as kind of wildcard day. Here is our menu for the week –

Menu for the week starting July 23, 2018

I really like having this menu hanging in the kitchen. Both John and I take a look at it first thing in the morning so we can plan what needs to be done. Today we buy our groceries for many of the dinners except for the fish. Already one thing has gone wrong. There are no rutabagas at the store! We decide to substitute butternut squash instead. Gotta be flexible!


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