“The Classic”. 7/23/18

”The Classic” is our go-to Monday chicken dish. It is basically a chicken breast, a starch, and a green vegetable. If I were to ask my kids what we eat on Mondays they would answer without any hesitation, chicken. I used to let my daughter run wild with whatever spices she wanted to put on the chicken. As far as she was concerned, the more the merrier.

This Monday’s classic is a sous vide chicken breast, an Instant Pot butternut squash, and snow peas with a prepared packet of chicken gravy. I do enjoy using all my gizmos. Originally we were supposed to have rutabagas instead of butternut squash but they were sold out (or more likely had rotted out) at our local grocery store.

Chicken breast, butternut squash and snow peas

I know it seems kind of boring but preparing “the classic” is a good, grounding no-brainer for Monday. It gets the week started off on a positive foot from a stay-on-your-diet point of view.

Kitchen Tip: To make the butternut squash in the Instant Pot, I peeled and cubed the squash, added a cup and a half of water to the pot, put the squash cubes in a steamer basket, and cooked it at high pressure for 15 minutes (I wanted to make sure the squash was soft for mashing. I think 10 or 12 minutes would have been sufficient.) I let the pressure go down naturally because we were busy doing other things but I think you could vent it right away. I added a pat of butter and used my stick blender to get them to their creamy state.

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