Pacific cod with mustard cream sauce. 7/24/18

I do not usually shop at Whole Foods because it is pretty expensive but today I am glad I did. In the fresh fish case we find some really nice looking Pacific cod. We turn around to the frozen case and find two great pieces of Coho salmon. Then we pick up some oil packed tuna from Italy in a glass jar. It is definitely our day for fish!

Pacific cod with a mustard cream and corn sauce, rice, and chard

John bakes the cod in the oven for about 13 minutes and makes the sauce. I reheat some leftover rice from our Chinese take-out on Sunday. Those little brown things on top of the chard are toasted garlic slices that I added just a touch of sugar and salt to.  The chard itself is stripped from its tough center stem, cut into ribbons, and just quickly sauteed

Growing up we never ate fish. Never. My father could not stand the smell of fish and we did not even have canned tuna. Our cat lived his life never having fishy cat food. Needless to say it is not in my cooking repertoire. I am so glad that John is willing to give it a try.

Best part? We have left over sauce with which we are going to adorn some lobster tails in the future!

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