Vegan linguine with breadcrumbs, tomatoes, olives, and capers. 7/25/18

For tonight’s dinner we decide to do a first and second course. Our first course is cucumber and tomato salad with onion and an Italian dressing. We added some feta which you would omit if you want a totally vegan rather than a vegetarian dinner.

Tomato and cucumber salad with onion and feta

One of the positives about serving courses is that it slows you down when you are eating. Instead of shoveling a whole plate down at once you have to stop, get up, and plate the next course. This gives your brain a little while to think about what you just ate and how hungry you still are.

For our main course we have prepared whole wheat linguine with a tomato, olive, and caper sauce. As garnish instead of cheese there are garlic toasted breadcrumbs, toasted garlic chips, and parsley. This is a really delicious dish based on a recipe from the NY Times Cooking site. We have put it into our dinner rotation in the vegetarian category.

Whole wheat linguine with a tomato, olive, and caper sauce garnished with toasted breadcrumbs

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