I cannot stop eating pasta!!! 9/26/17

It’s my favorite. I love pasta. I love eating at home. I love eating it on our trips to Italy. I am fond of vegan and vegetarian pastas and I am a sucker for a meat sauce. I ate this last week and the week before and ….

It started with a sauce made from our daughter’s tomatoes. I cooked them down with onions and garlic. I had a lot of tomato skins and seeds left over. I put the whole mixture in a colander and strained out the skins and most of the seeds.

Tomatoes cooking down for spaghetti sauce

I had to work to get the right balance of acid, sweetness, and umami. A little tomato paste and fish sauce helped with that since the tomatoes were quite sweet.

I browned some seasoned ground beef and folded it into the tomatoes. I cooked the sauce and meat together until they were flavorly incorporated. A lot of oregano really made a difference. I served it over some spaghetti. Yum!

Spaghetti and meat sauce


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