You should eat … 9/27/17

Out in the foodie world there are a lot of people with a lot of opinions. And all of the opinions are true to the people who hold them. Add less fat, add more fat, no carbs, more carbs, no, only complex carbs, be an omnivore, a pescaterian, vegetarian, vegan! It is endless. Here I shall put my oar in, how about trying some balance in your life. My recent post “Eat what you like” got a lot of views. It tells me that people would like to do exactly that.

Sometimes I eat meat, real red meat, but not too often. Sometimes I make a meal of fish or shellfish but not every day. Other times I am a vegetarian and even a vegan. Finding the right balance for you will help in staying healthy and satisfied.

Today was a vegetarian breakfast, a carnivore lunch, and a vegan dinner.


Dinner started with a salad. I do not particularly like making or eating salads and only have them occasionally. I feel like they are a lot of work for minimal satiation.

Autumn soup

Salad was followed by a bowl of leftover autumn soup. It is comprised of a lot of root vegetables puréed with some vegetable stock. It also has some cayenne pepper for a spicy zing.

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