Artichokes, scallops, and potatoes. 5/7/18

I got a coupon from our grocery for BOGO free artichokes. Normally I won’t spent $3.00 on an artichoke but two for $3.00 is a deal. Plus these were GIANT! I put the artichokes in a plastic bag one at a time and microwaved them. Normal sized ones take about six or seven minutes. These behemoths took at least twice that amount of time. We ate them separately as a first course.

Giant artichoke picture thanks to

So that was our vegetable for dinner tonight. Artichokes are fun and delicious to eat.  You should try them!

The rest of our dinner was our usual fried scallops and steamed new potatoes with tartar sauce. Without a vegetable on the plate it is a rather brown looking dinner!

Fried scallops and new potatoes with tartar sauce

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