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Artichokes, scallops, and potatoes. 5/7/18

I got a coupon from our grocery for BOGO free artichokes. Normally I won’t spent $3.00 on an artichoke but two for $3.00 is a deal. Plus these were GIANT! I put the artichokes in a plastic bag one at a … Continue reading

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More dining in Rome. 3/11/18

Sometimes you say, oh, I don’t care. I just want something to eat. You’re wrong. You care. This lasagna was not good but at least the serving person was charming. It is raining as we leave Rome. We are headed … Continue reading

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Yum, artichokes. 10/3/17

Artichokes are easy and the perfect food when trying to lose weight. They take so long to eat and are delicious! I wrapped this artichoke in plastic wrap and put it in the microwave for 5 minutes (maybe 4.5 minutes … Continue reading

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February 12, 2014 – Meatless Wednesday – Vegetable tasting menu

Happy Lincoln’s Birthday! When I was a kid we actually celebrated Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthday separately and on their actual birthdates. I think, though, we only got Washington’s birthday off from school. Well, anyway, to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday we were … Continue reading

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