3-Cup Chicken with Garlic Sesame Broccoli. 5/21/18

I got the garlic and sesame broccoli recipe from NYTimes Cooking. Reviews were saying it was like broccoli “crack”. I’ve never had crack but I have had broccoli many different ways and certainly “death by broccoli” (an insane casserole) and “crunchy broccoli” (a sweet/sour celery seed salad) were more delicious to me than this broccoli dish. It was okay but I don’t think I will make it again.

Last time we made 3-cup chicken it turned out pretty well except for it was a little too soy sauce-y and the pieces were too big. I made some notes on my recipe to correct those faults this time. Here is my mise en place.

Mise en place for 3-cup chicken

Strangely the chicken did not come out better. The sauce seemed lacking in flavor and not thick enough plus the chicken had a boiled aspect to it. I was disappointed.

3-cup chicken with garlic sesame broccoli and rice

We are supposed to have the leftover chicken later this week over pasta. I guess we will look into making more sauce and improving it.

Not great, sigh…

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