Cacio e pepe. 7/31/18

When I was in Rome in March I had this plate of cacio e pepe and it was just delicious. It was maybe the best dish I had on our Italy trip-simply made but perfect! Big shout out to Leonetti’s! Since then I have been dreaming about that wondrous plate of pasta and getting up my nerve to try and prepare it at home.

Cacio e pepe at Leonetti’s in Rome

Cacio e pepe has only a few essential ingredients. You need some boiling salted water, strand pasta, pecorino cheese, and pepper. We start by grating about 4 oz. (100 grams) of pecorino. We are using 8 oz. (200 grams) of whole grain linguine and when the linguine is just al dente we drain it and put in a bowl that has been heated with hot water. We also reserve a cup of the pasta water. Now we slowly add the pecorino to the pasta while stirring vigorously. The cheese and the pasta water and the pasta itself create the sauce. I am also adding fresh ground pepper along the way. The creamy sauce just happens!

My cacio e pepe

Although my cacio e pepe is pretty good, I can see that more practice is needed. There is quite a bit of congealed cheese left in the bowl. Luckily this does not go to waste as John is very happy to adorn his bowl with it.

You should definitely try this!


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