Guilty pleasure. 8/11/18

I guess most peoples’ guilty pleasures involve some sort of fabulous dessert or sky high nachos. My guilty pleasure is fried scallops. But Marymom, you say, why fry scallops when they are so delicious just seared in a pan. To that I say, have you ever tried them breaded and fried? They come out so succulently juicy and crispy at the same time. With a little tartar sauce they are sublime.


Our outdoor set up for frying

We use our electric wok outside to fry the scallops. Frying is way too messy to do in the house.


John laying the scallops into the hot oil so they do not splash

Along with the scallops we have tartar sauce and chard sautéed with corn and garnished with toasted garlic slivers and pecans.


Beautiful golden brown scallops with a side of sautéed chard and corn

This is about the only fried thing I ever eat. It is totally worth it!

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