Monday Sous vide grilled BBQ Chicken. 9/17/18

Tonight’s dinner has two courses! How fancy of us! For out first course we have a the ingredients for a Caprese salad on a bed of spinach. Our daughter’s tomatoes are the stars with backup from basil that I grow in the backyard in a pot.

Caprese salad

The chicken preparation sounds confusing but all it is really just a sous vide chicken breast that we season with some BBQ sauce and then slap on the grill briefly. Usually we cook chicken thighs on the grill for this dinner but we only had breasts in the freezer. They can get really dried out if you try to cook them on the grill the whole time. The side dish is a spicy bean salad. It is a mixture of black-eyed peas and black beans with a whole lot of other chopped up vegetables. I put harissa in it for a spicy punch.

BBQ chicken breast with spicy bean salad aka Texas caviar

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