Simply a hamburger and a salad. 2/28/19

This week’s menu has gone all topsy-turvy but we are actually eating what was originally on it, just on different days. I am glad because tonight and tomorrow night are two of my favorites – hamburgers and pasta.

So for this last day of February the rain has stopped and grilling outside is a possibility. While the grill heats up we have a salad. I have bought a packaged Italian salad mix from Taylor Farms, a brand I like because the dressing is not sweet. It comes with little pieces of salami and cheese. I add some sliced cherry tomatoes.

Italian chopped salad by Taylor Farms (tomatoes added)

John cooks my hamburger to medium which is the way I have been liking it lately. A little mayo underneath to keep the roll from getting soggy and some ketchup on top and a sliced raw onion and, yum, I am totally happy.

Grilled hamburger with sliced onion on a sesame seed bun

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