Curry with protein and carrots. 2/27/19

This curry flavored dish can be made with pork, firm tofu, all vegetables, chickpeas, or as we made it with chicken. While John is at work I do my part – cut up the chicken into bite size pieces, and chop up a medium onion, garlic, a couple of carrots, and ginger.

When he gets home John makes up a curry spice blend and cooks it in some oil/butter until fragrant. He then adds the onions. After they are translucent in go the garlic, ginger, and chicken. Lastly he adds the carrots, a handful of raisins, a cup of rice (we use brown rice) and 2+ cups of stock. It all simmers for 45 minutes or so until the rice is cooked.

Curry with chicken, brown rice, carrots, and raisins

For me it is a little sweet so I add a dollop of yogurt. I think the raisins and carrots make it too sweet but that is just me. Sweet along with savory just does not rock my world. But this is John’s creation and I do not want to be critical. I really appreciate all the cooking he does.

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