Lamb chops. 5/12/19

Sunday is our leftover day so we took a tour of the freezer and found a couple of 2 rib lamb chops from a couple of weeks ago.  We need to be more proactive in using the food we have in the freezer so I think Sunday will be our day for using up items that have been in the freezer long enough.

By the way we have not made a menu for this week since I am recuperating from my cold and do not know what I want to eat. Everything seems unappealing.

Two rib lamb chops from a rack of lamb with a grilled baked potato and spinach

John had prepared the lamb earlier so all he needed to do was vacuum seal the chops and put them in the immersion circulator at 134F for a couple of hours.  It came out perfectly pink from edge to edge. Then he seared the lamb on the grill along with a baked potato I had nuked until it was almost done. The spinach is just a frozen side dish from Stouffers. As I said I am not very interested in food at the moment. The dinner turned out well and John finished off anything I did not want to eat. So win-win.

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