🐓 Chicken Monday on a Saturday night. 2/1/20

Even when the children were small, Monday dinners were known as chicken Monday. As my daughter grew up I let her choose what spices would go on the chicken. One time we had “Chicken with 17 Spices.” Now she doesn’t eat with us often because our food is too boring. She makes wild concoctions of pasta, sausage, and blue cheese crumbles which smell awfully good but do not fit into our healthy eating plan. (BTW I have lost over 25lbs! So here is our dearly beloved, boring Chicken Monday on a Saturday. It is a pan roasted chicken breast, rutabagas made in the Instant Pot mashed with a little bit of light Canola oil butter, and broccoli.

Pan roasted chicken breast, mashed rutabagas, broccoli

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