BFD. 6/7/20

Whenever we have Breakfast For Dinner John always makes an omelet and I always make some sort of scrambled eggs because I am too impatient with the whole rigmarole of omelet making. Last night, though, I decided to give it a try. So I sautéed some mushrooms and then added scallions, an ultra-thin piece of ham, and a slice of cheddar to my pan. I poured my beaten eggs over the top. This is not the right order to cook things I  discovered. John does his sautéing 0f the vegetables and ham and then removes them from the pan. He pours his pre-mixed eggs into the empty pan next, lets them set a little and then  puts his vegetables and ham on top followed by the cheese. Oh well, live and learn. Even though it is much harder to get a perfect omelet with my technique, it is much faster!

Innards on the outside omelet!

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