Instant Pot Toor dal. 6/20/20

I got the recipe for toor dal from PippingPotCurry. This site takes Indian food and makes it quick and easy using an Instant Pot. Here is where you can find the recipe. (The recipe is at the bottom of the page.) I thought this tasted a lot like Chana dal except with dried pigeon peas and much soupier. Maybe I shall look at pigeon peas as a substitute for lentils or red lentils with a slightly different flavor. Chana dal with dried chickpeas is still my favorite of the dals I have made so far. But this is still good and especially good when you have it for lunch the next day. I strongly recommend having rice with it since you need something to sop up all the yummy broth.

Toor dal with rice and snow peas

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