Grilled portobello burgers with Thai salad. 8/15/20

Grilled portobello with seared onions on a thin sliced bagel with Thai tomato and cucumber salad

It was 106F today so there was no cooking in the kitchen. John grilled our mushrooms outside and I seared off some onions and added basil and whole grain mustard to our “burgers” for additional flavor. The salad I made was a couple of handfuls of our daughter’s cherry tomatoes, a cucumber from one of her acquaintances at the Community Garden, some chopped up bell peppers and Fresno chiles, and a scallion. From our patio garden I picked basil and tarragon. The vinaigrette was a combo of Thai flavors – lime zest and juice, fish sauce, sugar, a little soy sauce, and a neutral oil. It is a new refreshing spin on a tomato and cucumber salad.

Thai cucumber and tomato salad

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