Avocado toast and dinner salad. 8/17/20

Avocado toast with a dinner salad

Here we are keeping it cool on another hot night. We have the threat of rolling blackouts from our electric company so we are doing our part by turning our thermostat to 79F, keeping our blinds closed, not using the oven, and sitting in the semi-darkness. As it turns out, enough Californians conserved energy yesterday to keep the blackouts from happening.

Our trendy dinner features avocado toast and a dinner salad. Avocados were 2 for $1 at the local grocery and seemed too good a buy to pass up. Unfortunately, although they were ripe, they were not very flavorful. I dressed my mash with lemon juice and plenty of salt and pepper but they just were not as good as I had hoped. The dinner salad that I made was based on the premise that the avocado toast was not going to fill us up. I figured including a hard boiled egg and some chickpeas would help with satiation. Dinner was colorful and for the most part quite tasty.

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