Breakfast for Dinner. 8/16/20

Scrambled eggs, vegetable patty, rye toast, and salad

As usual we are having breakfast for dinner on Sunday night. John and I go our separate cooking ways with him always making a omelet and me usually making some sort of scrambled eggs. I have been hungry today so I knew I needed a lot of components to my dinner so it would not be over with so fast. Having a salad with dinner (as much as I hate making salad) is a good way to add some filling food. Since we have all these fabulous tomatoes from our daughter’s garden, the salad making chore is less onerous. I scrambled up a couple of eggs and microwaved the veggie patty. I see the label on the patties says they are vegetarian not vegan but I am okay with that. I spray some butter spray on the toast to make it more palatable. Voila, dinner!

Tomatoes and mushrooms make my salad more exciting!

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